5 Tips for Successful LinkedIn PPC Advertising

Posted by David Terry on January 03, 2017

If you’re running a business in the B2B world, and you do Inbound Marketing, you should be advertising on LinkedIn. The site has more than 450 million users worldwide, giving you access to millions of professionals you want to reach. If you’re not familiar with PPC advertising on LinkedIn, consider these tips before you create display ads for this social network.

Write Powerful Content for Your Ads

Just as with PPC ads on any other social media site, the content of your LinkedIn ads is a major factor for success on this platform. You can only use up to 25 characters in the headline and 75 characters in the description, so make them count. Note that questions get the most engagement from readers. End the description in your ad with a call to action using phrases like “sign up” or “download” to let your audience know what to do next.


Include a Relevant Image

LinkedIn PPC ads feature space for a small image measuring 50x50 pixels. Choose an image that goes well with what you’re offering. Make sure it’s clear enough to view as a thumbnail — which means you should keep it simple. An image of a product or important person at your company should work well, though your company logo would work, too.


Be Strategic About Your Link

Your LinkedIn PPC display ad should have a link to the best site possible for your business. Though you can simply link to your company’s homepage or LinkedIn profile, it’s ideal to link to a site that you customized for the ad’s target audience. This way, you can create copy that’s relevant to LinkedIn’s readers. Plus, having a separate site or landing page for your LinkedIn audience can make it easier for you to track the success of your ad.


Take the Time to Target Your Ads

LinkedIn makes it easy to target your ads to your audience, so take advantage of this. You can target based on industry, job title, location, company, skills, age and more. Targeting based on several specific details can increase your success with LinkedIn ads.


Create Different Variations, and Take Note of the Metrics

Other tasks that are easy to do on LinkedIn are the testing and analyzing of your ad's success. You can create up to 15 variations of your ad, so tweak the copy, link, image and headline several times to discover what performs best. LinkedIn lets you see the success of numerous metrics, such as clicks, impressions, amounts spent and click-through-rate. Keep track of all to determine which ad to keep running.

Have you tried posting a PPC ad on LinkedIn yet? If so, do you have any tips to share?

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