What's Inbound Marketing?

Generate More Website Traffic, More Qualified Leads and More Sales


What Is Inbound Marketing and how can it help grow your business?

"Inbound Marketing is all about helping your potential buyers find your brand - these buyers are looking for answers to their questions, and solutions to their business problems - so they’re searching the Internet for those answers and solutions.

The Inbound Marketing Methodology is about setting up the process to attract prospects and turn them into buyers using relevant, engaging and targeted content."

Traditional Marketing Is Dead - Time to Stop using Outbound!

Traditional outbound marketing used to focus on pushing 'non-targeted' content on people who may or may not be interested in the content. Think radio, TV, newspaper, magazine ads, and cold calling, as the traditional outbound methods of marketing.

B2B companies such as manufacturing and professional services firms have traditionally used outbound marketing for lead generation  - using magazine advertising, trade shows, direct mail, and telemarketing - but now those methods are fast becoming obsolete marketing tactics, as they are hard to measure, they interrupt people, and they have a poor ROI ... basically, they no longer work. If you're not findable on the Internet - you're not in the game.

Inbound Marketing Delivers Happy Prospects, Qualified Leads & Measurable ROI - Time to Switch to Inbound!

The marketing solution that really works best for B2B companies is called Inbound Marketing - using targeted content to attract prospects to your website, and convert those visitors into customers - following the Inbound process of Attract, Convert, Close and Engage.

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Therefore to succeed with Inbound Marketing, your business MUST BE FOUND ONLINE.

To be found online you have to know what your prospects are searching for - and you have to provide them with the right content.

Inbound Marketing is all about becoming that source of compelling and helpful content, and a destination for quality information about the topics your prospects are looking for.

Inbound Marketing is a proven way to engage with your prospects and website visitors while being personal and helpful with their needs. Inbound Marketing works especially well for B2B companies, such as those in technology, and business-to-business professional services. 

Here’s How Inbound Marketing Works: 

Attract your ideal clients to your website

Our Inbound Marketing strategies focus on attracting the right sort of website traffic with relevant and targeted content.

By leveraging content in the form of blogs, eBooks, video, social media, persona-driven keywords, PPC, and creating compelling content to help educate prospective customers, we can help establish you as their trusted advisor – a source for all their questions - when using the right keywords and SEO.

Inbound Marketing Attract

Convert more website visitors into qualified leads with compelling offers

Your success relies on understanding who your ideal client is and what challenges they face. With a clearly defined buyer persona, a mapped buyers journey, and well crafted key messages and content, you know what will resonate. We have many tried and tested techniques that we can effectively use to move buyers down the funnel.

Inbound Marketing Convert

Close your qualified leads and turn them into sales

To close the right type of clients, it's essential that your marketing and sales teams are aligned. Marketing will focus on building email nurturing workflows that further qualify those marketing prospects so that sales can more effectively move them through the bottom of the funnel and create an Inbound Sales buying experience that delivers happy customers.

We can use our Inbound Sales engagement program to nurture sales qualified leads and shorten your sales cycle. We have many powerful tools to allow you to collect data about user behavior, drip marketing campaigns, and score leads based on engagement levels with your content. All the time we're focused on conversion analytics and improving your Inbound Marketing performance.

Inbound Marketing Close

Engaged clients are happy clients

It's important to develop strong and lasting relationships with your clients, as they're your most loyal fans and biggest promoters.

Inbound Marketing brings everything full circle with engagement strategies designed to position your business as a resource for your customers, get them excited about your offerings and keep them coming back for more. We recommend personalizing content to your clients’ specific interests and engage them online through social media and email campaigns.  

This keeps them informed, interested and engaged - so they can become your biggest supporters and advocates.

Inbound Marketing - Engage