About The Brit Agency

We're Here To Help Your Business Grow

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        B2B companies of all sizes partner with us so we can help grow their business using HubSpot and Inbound Marketing.

We do that by using our expert skills (we're all Inbound certified), with lots of team work, and many years of experience, to generate more website traffic, convert more leads, and close more sales - we'll work your entire funnel marketing process - top, middle, and bottom.

brit team culture

We've been a Toronto HubSpot Partner for over 8 years, and now, we're a top Canadian HubSpot Partner, with a qualified team of passionate Inbound Marketers. If you're looking for a Digital Marketing Agency, here's a great article that will help you decide how to choose one that fits.

We do Brilliant Inbound Marketing

we love inbound

We're Humble and Proud

We've built a solid portfolio of B2B clients over the years. We're proud of our success and we think we're pretty lucky because we get to do what we love most - every day we help our clients win, hit goals and realize their vision - it really is the reason why we do Inbound - we love to help our clients grow.

We also think it's why we're the top HubSpot Partner In Canada!

Interested in Joining Us?

brit team culture
The Brit Agency In Action - Toronto HubSpot Partner

Meet The Brit Agency Team

David Terry - CEO - The Brit Agency
Susan Peters - Partner - Strategy, Inbound Marketing & Content - The Brit Agency
Julia Tarini - Client Success Manager - The Brit Agency
Tom Davis - Inbound Content Writer - The Brit Agency
Alistair Terry - Director, Business Development - The Brit Agency
Ben Peters - Video Production Specialist - The Brit Agency

David Terry



In his role as CEO of The Brit Agency, David oversees all initial engagements with clients and stays involved with them as much as possible, monitoring and guiding our team. Prior to starting The Brit Agency, David owned and operated a Toronto technology PR agency and was a trusted advisor for SAP, DMR, Macromedia, 3Com, Fujitsu, EDS, and many technology start-ups.


Susan Peters

Partner, Client Strategy, Content & Inbound Marketing


Susan is our top-level strategist working behind the scenes to ensure all our client programs and campaigns are performing and the work we deliver is up to agency standards.

She’s actively involved in all client-related Inbound Marketing and Content activities and guides those working on the team in how to deliver brilliant work. Susan brings us Enterprise IT experience and University of Boston project management processes.


Julia Tarini

Client Success Manager & Inbound Marketing Growth Pod Manager


An advocate for Inbound marketing and a passion for helping others, Julia enjoys working directly with clients to help them meet their Inbound Marketing goals. Since joining The Brit Agency in 2016 as an Inbound Marketing Consultant, Julia has quickly grown and adapted to the world of Inbound Marketing and has immersed herself in the role of the agencies lead Client Success Manager. 


Tom Davis

Inbound Content Writer


Tom joined the Brit Agency team after a successful spell as a reporter and magazine editor in the tourism, automotive and jewellery sectors. Combining his passion for writing, extensive journalism training and a selection of content-specific Inbound certifications, Tom is able to create insightful, educational and brand-specific content that attracts, engages and delights your customer.


Alistair Terry

Director, Business Development


Alistair has a knack for being cross-functional across many disciplines with The Brit Agency.

From PPC and SEO, Analytics to eCommerce Conversion Optimization, and HubSpot training and Support, he knows what is required by clients from the agency to get things done. With the ability to stay on his toes, with a keen sense of client delivery, problem-solving, adapting to new technologies, to ensure new business projects are on track.

He consults with prospects and new clients of The Brit Agency to build them the best Inbound programs, websites, integrations, and campaigns, in order to get clients to succeed, grow and evolve.


Ben Peters

Video Production Specialist


Ben is our video production guy, and he edits and produces short clips, B-rolls, and our many social media video posts, as well as YouTube channel optimization for various clients. He is able to do video here on at the agency, and on location, including creating short client videos and editing existing videos to add to client branding materials.