The Sales Process


"Turn marketing qualified leads into happy customers, by empowering your sales team with an Inbound Sales strategy, giving them the tools they need."

If you're implementing Inbound Marketing, it’s crucial for your sales team to understand that the modern buyer is different - and practice the Inbound Sales methodology.

Search and social media has significantly changed the way B2B customers buy products and services - Inbound Marketing has recognized this, and now that means your sales team needs to adapt their selling techniques to appeal to today’s buyers.

Sales people are no longer in control of the buying process - buyers are in control - and the traditional selling process has changed from 'selling' to the buyer, to 'helping and advising' the buyer to buy.

The sales person’s role therefore has changed and we have the Inbound Sales tools to help you adapt to the new way customers buy.


Inbound Sales is the guiding strategy that helps each prospect along their unique buyer’s journey, ultimately ending in an informed decision to sign on the dotted line. Prospects aren’t looking to be sold to. They’re looking for someone to guide and help them to make the right purchase decision.

As we are certified Inbound Sales specialists, we can help you build a custom Inbound Sales process to support your Inbound Marketing efforts, teach your sales team how to easily turn high quality Inbound Marketing leads into customers, and create maximum ROI potential.

Sales Pipeline Overview-5-17

Here Are The Inbound Sales Services We Offer:

  • Marketing and Sales Alignment - Service Level Agreement (SLA) (See Blog Post)
  • Sales Enablement
  • CRM and Sales Automation Tools
  • Lead Scoring - Lead Qualification Process
  • Lead Engagement & Nurturing
  • HubSpot CRM Set-up and Management
  • Buyer Journey Mapping
  • Sales Enablement & Custom Sales Content \
  • Inbound Marketing & Sales Alignment Workshops and Software Training
  • Sales Messaging
  • Social Selling

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