Inbound Marketing: HubSpot Launches New Wave of Product Updates

Posted by David Terry on July 02, 2020

HubSpot, the inbound marketing software platform that brings together marketing, sales customer service and CRM on one user-friendly platform, has announced the launch of a new range of products. 

The products have been launched across the company’s Marketing Hub, Service Hub and CMS Hub platforms, and will help businesses perform a range of marketing and web development activities from SEO audits, customizable domain security, expanded ad reporting and much more.

Want to find out what these newly introduced products are? The Brit Agency has listed them here: 

New updates in Marketing Hub

SEO audit tool improvements

This update means the SEO audit tool, which is available to all CMS Hub and Marketing Hub Enterprise and Professional users, will no longer display SEO recommendations for pages that are blocked from appearing in search results. This will make it easier to focus SEO efforts on the pages that matter.

There’s nothing you need to do to turn this feature on. Content hosted on HubSpot will already be using it. 

Expanded ads reporting metrics

Marketers using Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise users now have access to an expanded set of ads reporting metrics. These include metrics such as cost per MQL, cost per SQL, cost per deal, cost per lead, cost per opportunity and cost per session. 

These new metrics can be found on the Ads tool homepage, and by clicking on “Add Metrics”.

Marketing Hub Starter “view in browser” emails

Marketing Hub Starter portals now have the ability to include a “view in browser” link in their marketing emails. This gives customers the opportunity to securely view a clean, unaltered version of the email in their web browser if there is an issue with their inbox. 

This feature can be turned on by opening your email editor and heading to the “Settings” tab. The “Web Version” toggle will be located under “Advanced Settings”. 

New updates in Service Hub

Add attachments to your Jira issues

HubSpot has added the ability for you to add attachments to your Jira issues directly within HubSpot, making it easier for your issue to be resolved. By sharing screenshots you’ll be able to provide context to your issues and clearly display your point.

You can add an attachment by simply dragging and dropping it into the attachment field, or by uploading it from your computer.

New updates in CMS Hub

Customizable domain security settings

HubSpot is an incredibly secure platform, but your organization might want to add even more security for peace-of-mind. That’s why HubSpot’s latest updates include new domain security settings for CMS Hub Enterprise users - such as HSTS, Referrer, Content Security policies and more.

These customizable security settings can be found by going to “Domains & URLs Settings”. Next to any of the domains, you will be able to click “Edit” and then “Update Domain Security Settings”.

The Activity Logs API

The brand-new Activity Logs API logging system records each time a piece of content was created, updated, published or deleted in your HubSpot account. It can be used to create a workflow management and monitoring process, or to track down who deleted a page that was being worked on.

It’s available for all CMS Hub Enterprise users. 

CMS Hub Enterprise

CMS Hub Enterprise received two new features in May 2020 - and using them together enables you to create powerful, app-like functionalities on your website. The first is serverless functions, which provide a way to write server-side code that interacts with HubSpot and third-party services through APIs. 

The second is memberships, which allows you to easily create login portals for your website and build lists to five specific contacts access to gated content. Used together, serverless functions and memberships enable you to build web-app experiences on your website.

A SignalFx Integration

The new SignalFX Integration is available for all CMS Hub Enterprise users. By synching your website performance data into SignalFX, your IT teams can use the technology they prefer to monitor your websites uptime and performance.

Other new updates in HubSpot

Ratings and reviews in the App Marketplace

HubSpot users are now able to leave ratings and reviews in the App Marketplace. By clicking on an app listing page, you will see ratings and reviews from other HubSpot customers that help you choose the application that is right for you.

Target Accounts Home

A command center for your marketing and sales teams to come together and monitor progress on target accounts, Target Accounts Home allows Sales Hub, Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise users to mark companies as target accounts.

You can set up your Target Accounts Home by navigating to “Contacts” and “Target Accounts” - then simply click “Get Started”. By following the onboarding process you will receive a complete walkthrough of how to set up Target Accounts Home. 

Account overview

The account overview is a deep-dive account overview panel on each of your Target Account’s company records. It will give you a snapshot of engagement with a specific account - you’ll see data such as activities, deals, contacts associated with the account, tracked page views from contacts, internal stakeholders and more 

Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise users can access the account overview through Target Account Home

Company lists

Hubspot users now have the ability to create company-based lists to boost account-based marketing (ABM) efforts. Once ABM tools are activated, your HubSpot account will automatically create lists based on ABM properties and these lists can be found in the “Account-based Advertising” list folder.

Account-based marketing reports and dashboard

HubSpot also announced an update allowing you to report on your account-based marketing progress with the new out-of-the-box ABM dashboard and reports library. You can create your ABM dashboard by navigating to “Reports” and “Dashboards”. Create a new dashboard and select “Account-Based Marketing” from the reports library. You can then customize which reports you want to see.

Are you interested in learning more about these new updates, or want to find a partner that knows how to maximize the HubSpot marketing platform and boost your profits? Contact The Brit Agency today. Our team of Inbound Marketing experts would love to answer any questions you may have.

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