HubSpot Launches CMS Hub - The Best CMS Out There!

Posted by David Terry on April 13, 2020

HubSpot has just launched CMS Hub, a content management system that, in The Brit Agency's opinion, is now the best CMS on the market today. The announcement was low-key, but it will no doubt build over time, as HubSpot sets its eyes firmly on gaining significant marketshare from other CMS vendors.

HubSpot's new CMS Hub is an evolution of its existing CMS offering, and can perform either as a separate standalone hub, or, it can integrate with HubSpot's marketing, sales and service hubs.

The big thing about CMS Hub is that it is scalable, and takes the pain out of managing complex CMS software, enabling marketers and developers to focus on optimizing the Inbound website and creating remarkable customer experiences. Traditional content management systems have become more complex and difficult to use over time and this is the benefit that HubSpot wants to exploit.

CMS Hub - It's All About Speed, Security & Scalability

Conventional content management systems (CMS's) have become increasingly restrictive as small website changes often require a painful process of technical changes that slows down the change process and lets down customers.

As a business grows there are increasing needs for rapid content development, deeper integrations, additional domains, more marketing flexibility, and increased site security, so CMS Hub has all of these features, offering a better user experience.

The new CMS Hub is now an addition to the  HubSpot’s all-on-one platform - CRM, sales, marketing and service. CMS Hub will be delivered fully integrated with the HubSpot CRM, and it's positioned to be easy-to-use, allowing multiple stakeholders — from IT teams to developers to marketers — to work in tandem on everything from minor content updates to major website upgrades.

The addition of new and flexible website themes enable developers to give site-wide editing freedom to marketers, robust security controls for IT teams to ensure a safe browsing experience for visitors, and powerful partitioning features allow users to manage their online assets as they grow.

CMS Hub - Two Versions - Enterprise and Professional

CMS Hub has two versions, Enterprise and Professional, giving companies the freedom to choose a CMS offering best suited to their growth requirements. It would be really nice to see a starter version of CMS Hub down the road - that would be the true CMS game changer, and make it a significant WordPress challenger.

With CMS Hub Pro, users can:

  • Manage their website as they grow - CMS Hub is SaaS driven, with a globally hosted CDN, 24/7 threat monitoring, and a web application firewall built-in. CMS Hub Pro takes the pain out of much of the technical management of websites and allows users to focus on the delivery of a positive and optimized customer experience (CX).

  • Effortlessly update their website - There are lots of tools to use, such as, drag-and-drop editors, multi-language support, and flexible website themes and modules. Marketers can make site-wide changes — without the need for developer input, design expertise, or knowledge of CSS.

  • Increase website traffic and generate leads with a CMS built for optimization - With A/B testing, SEO recommendations, and contact attribution reporting, marketers can continually monitor site performance, optimize for results, and improve business metrics.

  • Grow with HubSpot’s all-on-one connected platform. CMS Hub Pro comes with HubSpot’s CRM and Conversations tool built-in, and integrates with Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. With the fully-integrated HubSpot growth suite capabilities, businesses can deliver a seamless experience across every customer touchpoint.

With CMS Hub Enterprise users can:

  • Maintain true enterprise level governance and controls - With activity logging, content partitioning, and advanced permissioning functionality, users can control who has access to specific website pages, sections, and reports.
  • Build powerful, personalized web app experiences - With CMS Hub Enterprise, users can build membership websites driven by customer data in the HubSpot CRM, enabling personalized experiences to every visitor.
  • Manage different domains from one place. With multiple domain capabilities in CMS Hub Enterprise, users can create microsites for specific campaigns and manage and report on multiple websites within the same, secure CMS portal.
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“IMHO, HubSpot's CMS Hub is a game-changer for The Brit Agency and our clients,” said David Terry, CEO at The Brit Agency. “We have seen first-hand how painful website management can become, as so many businesses struggle with the basics and complexity of other CMS's on the market, such as Drupal, Sitecore, Crownpeak and WordPress. CMS Hub takes all that complexity away and makes updates, changes and integrations so much easier for all users."

A website has to be a business’ most trusted online asset , but it often fails to deliver on that because conventional CMS's are inflexible and complex forcing marketers to delay critical updates and compromise on customer experience.

The new CMS game, and the way forward, is to use real-time customer data in the HubSpot CRM to drive every decision. Marketers need to implement their best ideas quickly by personalizing every touchpoint, and they must continually optimize their website for the best possible customer experience (CX) to grow their business better.

Want to learn more about the new CMS Hub, and why it's a game changer? Contact The Brit Agency today. Our team of marketing specialists would love to answer any questions you may have.

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