Generative AI: Use Cases in Sales and Marketing

Posted by Tom Davis on April 05, 2023

Whether it’s Chat GPT, Google Bard, ChatSpot,, or many others, you’ve probably heard about generative AI. In fact, you’re probably even using it in some capacity to fulfill your inbound sales and marketing needs.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of intelligence that uses algorithms to generate new data based on patterns in large datasets. This means it can be used for many things within your marketing strategy, including building new images, as well as creating text, video and audio content.

Generative AI has grown rapidly in popularity in recent months. In fact, PWC predicts that AI will add a massive $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030.

In this blog, we take a look at the benefits of using generative AI for marketers, the use cases, as well as answering the common question of whether artificial intelligence is a replacement for marketers.

This blog is also a summary of our recent Toronto Hubspot Users Group event, AI: The Ultimate Wingman for Sales and Marketing, presented by Hubspot’s Content Intelligence Product Manager, Amanda Schumacher.

Benefits of Using Generative AI for Marketers

1. Improve Efficiencies

Generative AI can save large amounts of time for marketers. It can help you find resources, help you scale your content creation and help you move more quickly to meet buyer demand.

2. Improve the Quality of Writing

Using generative AI can help marketers check for grammar, content clarity, and ensure consistency in the tone of voice throughout content. While AI can potentially be used as a time saver, it can also be used to significantly enhance the quality of content writing.

3. It Can Mitigate Writer's Block

Generative AI is a thought partner that can give you ideas. You can use AI to plan your content and give you an initial outline, allowing you to spend more time on what you want to say and less time on how you say it.

Will AI Ever be a Replacement for Marketers?

One of the main concerns around generative AI is that it will one day replace the need for marketers, with businesses using AI to automate typical tasks such as email marketing, content writing and even strategy creation.

We believe firmly that this isn’t the case, and that generative AI is a tool that can help enhance the output of marketers and not replace them. That’s because artificial intelligence still requires human input, and marketers have the expertise and experience on how to use AI most efficiently, and effectively, to get the best results.

Generative AI makes markets more productive, freeing up their time to do more valuable work.

Things generative AI is good at:

  • Generating new text and images as a starting point in the creative process.
  • Language processing like summarizing, reformatting, editing and fixing grammar.

Things generative AI is not good at:

  • Factual accuracy: While AI is good at prediction, it does not always provide accurate results.
  • Handling unforeseen circumstances: Artificial intelligence is only as creative as the data it is trained on.
  • Dealing with ambiguity: The more specific your asks, the better output you will get.

5 Ways Generative AI Can Augment Marketing and Sales


  • Help brainstorm keywords
  • Content ideas and topic research
  • Help with lightweight competitor research
  • Help with technical SEO
  • Generate meta descriptions
  • Optimize content for keywords

Content Creation

  • Social media posts
  • Marketing email copy
  • Blog posts
  • Landing page copy
  • Sales content
  • Ad copy Images 
In addition to content creation, generative AI also has use cases when it comes to rephrasing content, changing the tone of content, additional research, sourcing statistics, and further editing and refining content. 

Sales Outreach

  • Creation of introduction emails
  • Generating responses to reply to emails
  • Tailored outreach based on LinkedIn profile information
  • Refine and tailor your sales pitch by getting ideas on how to best sell to your prospect and position your offering to them
  • Anticipate possible objections before a sales call so you can better answer questions.

Social Media

  1. Convert blog posts to a social post
  2. Reply to social media comments


  • Summarize meeting notes before sending it to your team
  • Pull HubSpot reports for meetings

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