5 Compelling Reasons To Start Inbound Marketing

Posted by David Terry on October 19, 2015



You've probably come across the growing movement in Canada called Inbound Marketing. You may be curious to find out more and you may have wondered if Inbound Marketing can be an effective strategy to help grow your business?

When done properly Inbound Marketing can generate great results for businesses of all types and sizes, so what are the top reasons to help you change to Inbound?

Here are 5 compelling reasons to help you jump into Inbound Marketing.


Reason #1: Inbound Marketing simplifies and clarifies the marketing and sales processes

The traditional role of sales reps going 'out there' to find leads is coming to an end. The new Inbound Marketing B2B lead generation process has lead generation starting at the top of the funnel with content and brand awareness programs resulting in visitors coming to your website. When a visitor is converted into a lead, the lead nurturing process starts in the middle of the funnel. Then with a lead scoring and sales qualification process the lead can be prioritized, loaded into the CRM and handed over to sales, making much of the process automated.

Reason #2: Inbound Marketing increases online visibility, credibility and brand awareness

Inbound Marketing is about publishing and sharing value-added content - like frequent blogging. To do this effectively, content is matched to the appropriate buyer personas so the right kind of targeted visitors will come to the website, through online search or via social media. Over time, businesses with great content will be viewed as credible experts and trusted advisors, based on the content they publish.

Reason #3: Inbound Marketing generates quality website traffic and sales leads

As businesses publish more content that helps to answer the questions prospects have, website visitors will feel more comfortable with the brand and become inclined to revisit the website, possibly returning for more information or to buy. Marketing automation and lead nurturing enables businesses to steer prospects through their buyer's journey towards making a purchase decision, thus leading them down the path towards sales conversion.

Reason #4: Inbound Marketing increases engagement, builds long-lasting relationships

Social media has empowered businesses to become pro-active at communicating with prospects, visitors and customers. Every opportunity to offer insights, share valuable content, add helpful tips, make product selection suggestions, and answers to prospects' questions is a great way moment for businesses to maintain a top-most presence in the minds of prospects, so prospects know who to look for should problems crop up, and finally, when they decide to make a purchase.

Reason #5: Inbound Marketing is cost-effective

As Inbound marketing is a highly targeted digital marketing process, businesses are able to maximize their marketing budget for every lead generated. In fact, Inbound marketing costs 60% less than traditional marketing for at least the same results achieved, thus it gives a better ROI through greater lead conversions and lower costs.

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