Top 7 Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Techniques for B2B Businesses

Posted by Tom Davis on December 03, 2020

To attract potential customers to your website as part of your B2B Inbound Marketing strategy, your business needs to have the right answer, for the right customer at the right moment in time. 

Attracting prospects and generating quality leads is the foundation of any successful B2B Inbound Marketing strategy, yet many B2B marketers are struggling to implement effective lead generation strategies. 

According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, 85 percent of B2B marketers say lead generation is a top priority, yet 44 percent of those rate their overall marketing efforts as “neutral” - which means they are somewhere in between very effective and not effective at all. 

With that in mind, what exactly is B2B inbound lead generation and what are the top techniques to improve lead generation for your organization? We answer your questions in this blog. 

What is B2B Inbound lead generation?

Lead generation is simply the process of capturing interest in a product, service or piece of information for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline, after you have initially attracted your prospects to your website. 

These leads are created for purposes such as list building, newsletter lists or for sales leads, and allow the company to nurture prospects with targeted content until they are ready to buy.

There are three main types of leads. 

  1. Marketing qualified lead (MQL): Contacts who have engaged with your marketing efforts but are not ready to receive a sales call.
  2. Sales qualified lead (SQL): Contacts who have taken actions that indicate their interest in purchasing your products or services.
  3. Product qualified lead (PQL): Contacts who have used your product (free trial or demo) and have taken actions that indicate interest in becoming a paying customer.

What are the top B2B lead generation techniques? 

Generating leads is a crucial part of your Inbound Marketing strategy, and an essential step in the buyer’s journey of your buyer personas. So, how can your business generate new leads? We’ve listed just seven of the top techniques here:

#1 - Content marketing

Content marketing is how you attract prospects to your website, but it’s also a crucial component of generating leads. Content can be used to guide visitors to landing pages through CTAs, where they are converted into leads in return for more substantial pieces of gated content on the topic they are interested in (such as an ebook, infographic, whitepaper, webinar etc.).

#2 - Social media marketing

Social media marketing is more than just brand awareness. Social media platforms make it incredibly easy for you to guide your prospects to take a desired action. Including a call-to-action in your post with a URL for prospects to click on is the most popular way, but there are plenty of methods such as the swipe up option on Instagram stories. 

#3 - Product demos

One of the biggest barriers for B2B buyers is having to purchase a product or service without testing it out first. Offering a free trial or demo of what your company is selling is a fantastic way to gain sales qualified leads, which can be converted into paying customers once they have had a taste of your product.

#4 - Paid Advertising 

Whether Google AdWords, LinkedIn remarketing or Facebook ads, or any other ad campaigns that you want to run, paid advertising is a great way to target the exact prospect that you want to reach with the specific action you want them to take - taking them to a conversion landing page on your website.

#5 - Email marketing

Those on your email list have already previously subscribed to receive communication from your business, whether it was subscribing to a blog, requesting a product demo or visiting your booth at a trade show. Since they already know your brand, email makes it far easier for you to encourage these prospects to take a specific action through CTAs. 

#6 - Retargeting ads

Prospects generally browse several websites and read tens, or even hundreds, of articles to help guide their purchasing decision. The vast majority of visitors to your website do not make a purchase on the first visit, so using retargeting ads can help reel back those visitors who navigated away from your website. 

#7 - Use live chat

Chatbots allow your organization to provide a superior customer experience to visitors on your website, giving them a way to seamlessly interact with your brand to find the information that they are looking for. Integrating CTAs into that chatbot can help you take your lead generation strategy to the next level.

Is your B2B struggling to implement effective lead generation strategies that convert prospects into paying customers? Contact The Brit Agency today. Our team of Inbound Marketing experts would be more than happy to discuss ways in which your business can drive new revenue.

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