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About Toronto HUG

The Toronto HubSpot User Group (Toronto HUG) is run and managed by The Brit Agency, a Toronto, Inbound Marketing agency and HubSpot Diamond partner. The purpose of the quarterly events is for HubSpot users and others interested in inbound marketing and inbound sales to get together at a central Toronto location and share their knowledge and experience.

The Brit Agency will arrange guest speakers from HubSpot and other related companies to present educational sessions.

In addition, there will be presentations from regular Hubspot users and HubSpot partners. They will share their experience in implementing and using the HubSpot sales, marketing and service platform. if you're interested in becoming a speaker at the event, contact us here.

The HUG group is open to all senior marketing executives in Toronto, across the GTA and around Southern Ontario. You don't have to be a Hubspot user.


  • Existing users of the Hubspot sales or marketing platform (free or paid)
  • Marketing and Sales executives who are considering Hubspot or want to learn more about Inbound Marketing
  • Hubspot partner agencies and technology connect partners who have their head offices in and around Toronto.

You can find the next event and book a free place at the Next Toronto HUG - click here.

Connect With Others

Digital networks are all well and good but sometimes it really helps to be able to meetup and chat.

Meet some of the most senior inbound marketing managers in Toronto. Learn what is working for them. Connect with potential partners, clients and suppliers.

Learn Best Practices

Always be learning.

Each HUG meeting will feature a key presentation on a topic from an expert. Experts will be flown over from Hubspot HQ or brought in from Hubspot users and partners in Canada.


Use the HubSpot User Group as a way of contributing back to the community. Either through 1:1 talks with fellow attendees, networking, presentations to the group or blog posts on the shared website.

The more you give, the more you get. 



NEXT EVENT: March 24th, 2022 featuring HubSpot's own Dan Tyre - Book Your Spot Now!


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