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Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist - Now Hiring - Barrie Office

Job Description

The Brit Agency is looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist to manage a group of agency accounts. We need to find a marketing professional with some expertise (2 to 3 years’ digital experience) in working the inbound funnel process - attracting customers turning them into qualified prospects and converting them into leads and customers.

You will be in charge of a group of agency clients to manage the marketing process of attracting site traffic, converting that traffic into new leads for the business, and nurturing those leads to close sales and turn into customers.

To accomplish this, you will help plan and implement integrated inbound marketing campaigns and programs across a number of assigned client accounts – this process will entail knowledge of email marketing, marketing automation, SEO, social media and content marketing – all leveraging the HubSpot platform.

You will be responsible for ensuring the efficient day-to-day management of client programs including carrying out some ‘hands on’ elements such as analyzing and drawing insight from third party analytics data, HubSpot Marketing tasks, and ongoing optimization. You will also work with a very skilled agency team to coordinate client activities to help produce significant results across each assigned client’s program.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Grow new leads, including marketing-qualified leads, by converting site traffic through calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead generation content (including offers).
  • Optimize marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social channels.
  • Establish closed-loop analytics to understand how our inbound marketing activity turns into customers, and continually refine and improve our process to convert customers.
  • Creating, managing, and executing multi-channel marketing programs and campaigns leveraging SEO, social, inbound marketing, email, mail/print campaigns and events to drive customer acquisition.
  • Conducting customer, competitor, and product research.
  • Managing the onboarding process and new client website projects.


  • Propose new and improved inbound marketing program tasks and campaign ideas
  • Manage on-page SEO
  • Collaborate with content marketing, social and blog contributors to create high-quality content around important, relevant terms.
  • Manage and improve organic search engine performance and goal-setting based on clickthrough rates, traffic, and conversions.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes with SEO and major search engines.
  • PPC Programming may be added to this position down the road.


  • Grow email lists organically, not through bought or rented lists.
  • Follow full CASL and GDPR compliance.
  • Manage various email campaigns, including the coordination of template designs, calls-to-action, offers and content used in our email sends.
  • Segment lists based on behaviors like past email engagement and website interactions (content downloads, site page visits, etc.).
  • Measure results and optimize the lead nurturing workflows for these segments to convert leads into customers.
  • Work to minimize list decay and unsubscribes while increasing the productivity of our email sends.
  • Develop documentation and roadmaps for processes, A/B tests, and promotions that succeed through email.


  • To work closely with the team to ensure that all client accounts are well managed by you and have strategies in place for inbound marketing programs and campaigns. These must have specific performance targets and objectives tailored to meet or exceed the business and commercial expectations of the client.
  • To develop a strong understanding of the products, competition, industry, marketing goals, and objectives of each of your clients.
  • To implement strategies from the campaign plans and roadmaps.
  • To actively and frequently propose new and improved inbound marketing campaign ideas on a 90-day agile marketing basis.
  • Create and execute email marketing campaigns

KPIs and Reports

  • To measure the effectiveness of the campaigns across your assigned client accounts. To achieve increases across these campaigns against the agreed key performance indicators
  • To use a variety of proprietorial and third-party tools to compile and draw insight from both company-specific, sector-specific and generic industry data, in order to better understand user trends and behavior and add context to the performance on each account
  • To produce monthly reports for clients containing a robust description of monthly activity, suitable advice and recommendations and a clear summary of performance against the key performance indicators and metrics agreed with the client

Client Focus

  • To work closely with clients in a “client success” capacity to ensure that each client is kept up-to-speed with progress and results so that all clients receive top quality, professional customer service from you.
  • To set-up, attend and actively take part in client meetings.

Analytical and HubSpot Technical

  • To identify on-site and technical changes and liaise with the WebDev as required.
  • To ensure your knowledge of the digital industry and changes within the HubSpot platform and on broader inbound marketing, you will need to keep up to date and relevant by networking/researching/reading blogs and various news sources.
  • To initiate and carry out objective testing of tools, resources, and techniques.
  • To analyze and segment CRM data.
  • To ensure traffic is driven to content assets by leveraging landing pages, social media promotions, search engine optimization, paid advertisements and more. Best practice and organization.
  • To efficiently manage your workload and accurately record your tasks in the PM system.
  • To freely share knowledge, insight, best practice, tactics and ideas.
  • To contribute to a drive for excellence across the wider agency team.


  • Undergraduate Degree or business communications College Diploma with a related professional marketing focus
  • Experience creating digital campaigns for the web
  • Highly productive and able to turn around assignments to schedule
  • Marketing / promoter mindset that seeks to understand what audiences consume and how to create campaigns that work
  • The ideal candidate will have experience with WordPress, HubSpot, email platforms, and all the top social channels
  • Project management skills and understanding of how to manage the priorities of multiple stakeholders
  • A passion for continually learning new ways to practice your craft
  • Must be comfortable pitching ideas to clients
  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams, meets deadlines and create engaging content

Work Location & Environment:

This position works out of our Barrie office and offers an excellent opportunity for a talented marketer to be immersed in a progressive, creative and growth-orientated work environment and learn the latest inbound sales and marketing methodologies. The Brit Agency is a fast growing digital agency and maintains an international perspective with clients across Canada, the US, Europe and around the world. The agency has strong work values, big plans to grow more, a fun and friendly culture and endless snacks, pop, tea, and coffee.

How to Apply: To apply, email your resume and a cover letter stating why this position is right for you - with the subject line - "Digital Marketing Specialist" -