B2B Social Media Marketing


B2B Social Media

B2B companies need to be findable and have visibility on the main Social Media platforms.

Social Media is an effective way to distribute and promote your thought leadership content as your prospects are trying to find quality solutions that will help solve their business problems. They typically search the main social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook - where we will develop a strong presence. But most of our work will involve the development of the best possible visibility in LinkedIn, the clear leader in B2B social media marketing.

We help B2B firms find their social voice by using the platforms your ideal clients are already engaging in, and targeting them with valuable content and paid marketing tactics that positions your brand properly. It’s not always about the number of followers, “RTs” or “likes,” it’s about bringing qualified traffic back to your website assets, and converting them through social media marketing.

Paid Social Media Marketing

A highly effective way to generate leads through social media is to use paid social media marketing and advertising. Social media marketing means that you pay to promote your content to a selected target audience on a social media marketing platform.

We work with B2B companies of all sizes, with the goal to share the best and most appropriate content, target the right message, craft a compelling call to action, build an effective landing page and track conversions.

Social Media can help establish your company as a thought leader by promoting events, articles, ideas, thought leadership and much more. In the buying journey, you want to be top of mind when a need arises, content marketing via social media ensures that your target market will always be able to find information about your company.

But There's Even More To Social Media

B2B Social Media can be a great way to create a marketing, sales and service dialogue between users. We can help identify forums where your company should be active, getting you in front of prospects, strategic partners, and current clients and positioning you as an expert - let's get the conversation going!